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The Federation of Thai Industries promotes and urges Thai products’ consumption. This promotion indicates its confidence in Thai products and readiness to demonstrate Thai manufacturers’ potential and capability in the industrial cycle. Providing a platform for Thai manufacturers and business operators to publicize and showcase their innovations to the international markets is of great support to the industry.


Business Matching Channel: a platform to provide operators to meet with potential buyers and consumers through BUSINESS MATCHING TV programs. It is a forum for businesses to exchange their experiences, expertise and ideas. The programs are conducted in a seminar style which offers new movement, development, trends, and latest technology by Thai manufacturers/industries. They are a perfect opportunity to showcase their expertise and products. The programs also feature top businesses and analyses business trends, forecasts, expectations, guidelines, and tips plus perspectives from related agencies. The programs are expected to stimulate improvement and development for more international standards for Thai products and businesses.


Types of Business Matching Channels

1.  One Market Plus:  a channel for people who want to set up new businesses.

2.  Commercial World Magazine:  a brain bank for young   entrepreneurs.

3. ASEAN Business World:  international markets, import-exports, and modern management which covers 10 ASEAN member countries.   



1.  To promote Thai industry images among consumers, both domestic and overseas.

2.  To expand the demand of the public into all levels of organizations - public and private sectors - to stimulate investment in market establishing, technology and human development. This is to help prepare the industry to be the nation’s core business.

3.  To stimulate purchasing demand to promote exchange of ideas and new experiences applicable in each group of industry.

4.  To expand Thai industry networks.


Expected Outcomes

1.  Business entrepreneurs, people in the industry and interested parties can be aware of Thai products and companies available in the market and spread the news.

2.  Public and private sectors and state enterprise agencies both in Thailand and overseas become more interested and want to use or consume more Thai products.

3.  Business matching among different business entrepreneurs and operators.

Participating businesses/companies get services while the general public is informed and can apply the knowledge to use in their companies or organizations.

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